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Narture (Treatment for damaged hair)  
Nourishes & brings hair back to their original glory.
Recommended for damaged & chemically treated hair.
Refresh (Treatment for dry hair)  
Moisturises dry hair & gives a lustrous lively look.
Recommended for dry and dull hair to give long lasting protection.
Vitalise (Treatment for fine/weak hair)  
Give volume & makes hair noticeably stronger.
Recommended for fine / thin hair.
Rejuvenate (Treatment for hair loss)  
Nourishment program for longer life of hair & to make hair thicker. Reduces hairloss by upto 37%.
Recommended to fight hair loss.
Purify (Treatment for dandruff)  
Keeps the scalp clean of dandruff for a long time.
Recommended for stubborn cases of dandruff
Soothen (Treatment for sensitive scalp)  
Gently cleanses, soothes and relaxes sensitive scalp and protects it against irritation.
Recommended for sensitive / vulnerable scalp
Control (Treatment for greasy scalp)  
Cleanses greasy scalp without drying out the hair ends. Keeps scalp oil free for noticeably longer.
Recommended for greasy/oily scalp.
Bounce (Treatment for curly hair)  
Intensifies the suppleness of both naturally curly and permed hair.
Recommended for curly hair.
Luminate (Treatment for coloured hair)  
Program to leave the feeling softer and more supple with a brilliant shine.
Recommended for coloured hair.
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